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Featured Paper Session: Institutional Change and Sustainability: Lessons Learned from the MSPs


In 2004, the University System of Maryland (USM) received a supplemental grant from NSF to study a broad range of issues related to institutional change, and to examine the effect of MSP projects on changes in higher education that strengthen STEM faculty involvement in undergraduate teaching and K-12 educational reform.

This study, Change and Sustainability in Higher Education (CASHE), built upon the work of USM's targeted MSP project, Vertically Integrated Partnerships K-12 (VIP K-16), involving multiple colleges and universities in Maryland that were focused on increasing the engagement of STEM faculty in teacher preparation, K-12 partnerships, and inquiry-based teaching and learning in undergraduate science courses. In particular, VIP K-16 raised a number of questions about the constraints and facilitators that affect faculty and institutional engagement in MSP work.

Thus, through CASHE, USM proposed to study some of the questions and issues raised by its local MSP work to the national level, in order to more fully and formally explore how to institutionalize a P-20 perspective in education.